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Celebrate Your Success

Keys to Focusing On What’s Good In Your Business  Schedule it!  This may sound strange but I used to actually put a half hour on my calendar each week labeled ‘recognition’. This item would pop up weekly to remind me to take some time and recognize our employees, clients and/or vendors. When prompted each week […]

How to Create a Culture Shift in Your Organization

What if we could create a massive movement of people who wanted to champion a shift in workplace culture? What if we stopped putting culture into the hand of HR? What if we all went into work tomorrow with a new mindset and attitude about our role in shifting culture? Would it matter? What it […]

Be a Champion of Brilliance

Brilliance: exceptional talent or intelligence I truly believe every human being on the planet has an area of brilliance – an area of exceptional talent or intelligence. And I believe it’s MY job, my responsibility, to help champion brilliance in myself and others. The reason I believe this so strongly is because I spent much of […]

50 Culture Shift Tips: Changing Culture One Small Step at a Time

50 Culture Shift Tips: Changing Culture One Small Step at a Time

10 Ways to Deal with Difficult People

Try on their shoes. Well maybe you can’t actually try on one of their shoes but you can imagine stepping into them for a few minutes. When someone is being difficult, excuse yourself for a moment and imagine – really imagine – what their life is like. What are they struggling with, where have they […]

25 Simple Ways to Enhance Workplace Culture

Review your on-boarding process. Make sure to have fun welcome rituals, a process for making introductions and a checklist to make sure you do the same thing with every new employee. Let current staff members know a new person is starting BEFORE they start. And communicate why this person hired and what they’ll be doing. Plan surprises.  Catch […]


‘The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is, just be nice to everyone and always smile.’ Ed Sheeran What if we all just decided to be nice? What would happen to our world? Our relationships? Our businesses? If we all woke up tomorrow and decided to be nice to everyone we met […]


What if we jumped out of bed in the morning and raced into the office, excited to give our very best? What if when our co-workers said good morning to us, our energy was contagious and positive? What if we were truly ENGAGED in our work just for today? What would happen? What could happen? […]