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Authenticity is Vital in Business

Years ago I had an audience member tell me I was a “Barbie™ doll living in a plastic world.” It was the most devastating piece of feedback I’d ever received. Never in all of my life did I identify myself with being plastic or being a Barbie™. For a few moments after having been ripped […]

Think BIG!

I just ordered a big wall sign that says THINK BIG! As I’ve been trying to figure out where to hang it, I’ve also been thinking about what it really means to think BIG. Here are some of the things I know I must do in order to think BIG. Create space. I don’t think […]

Tips to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Recognize. Begin to recognize when you are doing it or when your kids are doing it. As parents we need to first recognize comparing behavior in ourselves and then begin to watch for it in our kids. Stop. When you begin to compare – stop and think of something else. Even tell yourself out loud that […]

What I Learned at Start Up Weekend Portland, Maine

If you EVER have the opportunity to attend a Start Up Weekend anywhere in the world – GO!!! I guarantee, if you attend with an open mind, it will change your life and your business. You’ll be challenged (sometimes pushed) to get out of your comfort zone, you’ll be inspired and you’ll learn what it really […]

Renovate Your Dreams

To renovate means to: revive, make new and/or reinvigorate Could your dreams use some renovation? Do you need to be revived and/or reinvigorated to go after them? Have your dreams slipped to the bottom of your to-do list or have they failed to even make the list? Do you want to dream once again? I’m a dreamer – […]