PRAISE: Speaking

It was an honor to have Michelle speak at our Nurse Leader and Manager conference. Participants found her to be completely delightful- enlightening and engaging, humorous and authentic: a unique balance of expert advice and personal experience. Michelle was a pleasure to work with- mindful of deadlines and prompt attention to detail. We hope to invite her back again to speak at other nursing conferences!”
Amy Guthrie, Saint Anselm College

Michelle was a speaker at our annual UWM Women Leaders Conference. She was absolutely wonderful to work with; timely responses to emails, all materials were sent to me well before the deadline, and excellent communication on what her talk would center on. Her breakout session was amazing and garnered rave reviews. People were attracted to her honesty and authenticity, two traits that we have found resonate with our audience. I would highly recommend Michelle for any speaking engagements you have.”
Mary Van Eerden Piwaron, Program Manager at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Michelle Neujahr has designed and conducted trainings for my employer and I have had the opportunity to attend a general presentation training that she did for SMCC. I found her to be highly skilled both technically and in the softer skill side of the work she does. One thing that impressed me right away is her ability to make the most fearful public speakers feel confident enough to get up in front of their peers. This is very tricky and she pulls it off seamlessly. I can recommend Michelle for any aspect of presentation or communication training for a wide variety of groups. She will bring value to your organization every time.”
Suzanne Benoit, Wright-Ryan Construction

Now how about this for a challenge! We invited Michelle to give a presentation to over 100 leaders on the topic of engaging your employees. She needed to find an effective way to connect with an audience spanning from front line supervisors to vice presidents and physician leaders. Oh, and did I mention that it was at SEVEN o’clock IN THE MORNING? Well, she wowed them from start to finish! Program evaluations scores were 100% good to excellent, with most being “top box” scores. Comments included examples of practical “takeaways” including one of my favorites…”employee engagement starts with me!” If she could be this effective with these challenges, just think what she could do for your group!”
Nicole Morin-Scribner, St. Mary’s Health System

The Healthcare Human Resources Association of Minnesota (HHRAM) was honored to have Michelle speak at our Fall Conference recently. The feedback from the attendees was fantastic! Comments ranged from “Such an engaging presentation” to “It was great to have someone speak with such life experience!”. Her keynote engaged us from the first moment and the breakout session was very well received. We would highly recommend Michelle to speak to your group or leadership team!”
Kimberly Carlson, President, Healthcare Human Resource Association of Minnesota

Thank You again for your inspiration here at the Auburn site. We did our strategy session with the larger group yesterday and I heard “you are awesome” at least 6000 times. Your thoughts really stuck with people, they liked your stories, outlook and approach – I think you made a difference in our culture by giving people a new way to talk to each other. I would recommend you to anyone looking to make a positive change in their organization and enable their people to speak to one another with a positive outlook on their work.”
Rick Malinowski, HR Manager at Procter & Gamble

Michelle is a dynamic speaker who offers practical solutions to every day challenges. She is highly motivating, extremely personable, and very knowledgeable in her areas of expertise. Clients consistently request her to schedule additional speaking engagements.”
Beth Quist, Lifetrack – Director of Education Services

Disability RMS recently hired Michelle as the keynote speaker for a client event. Michelle delivered a talk that captivated the audience. She is high energy, has great stories, and is truly a motivator. Many in the audience commented after Michelle’s session how much they loved her talk and were excited to have new tools and renewed enthusiasm for living a positive life both personally and professionally. Michelle is awesome!”
Kathleen Serunian, Disability RMS

Michelle recently spoke to members of the Gorham Business Exchange about what is clearly one of her passions – helping people reach their full potential. Throughout her engaging presentation – “Develop Excellent Employees,” Michelle shared personal stories and proven techniques to help business owners and managers inspire their teams and achieve win-win situations for business and employees alike. Michelle is a dynamic and engaging speaker; if you’re looking for a presenter to connect with and motivate your audience, I highly recommend that you consider hiring Michelle Neujahr.”
Dede Perkins, Gorham Business Exchange

Michelle was the keynote speaker at our New England Claim Association seminar, and her program was a resounding success. I’ve heard Michelle speak before, and each time she adds new material to make her presentation interactive, personal, and inspirational as she challenges the audience to move outside their comfort zone and to experience life more fully. If you’re looking for a speaker who will inspire your group with her outlook and personal story of overcoming obstacles, I would highly recommend Michelle Neujahr.”
Tim Hassett-Salley, New England Claim Association

Sam’s Italian Foods recently engaged Michelle Neujahr to present at our recent manager development conference. We had clear, timely, and well defined goals to accomplish during our seminar. Michelle was up to the challenge and hit a home run. In no uncertain terms she succeeded on her promise to deliver all of our objectives. She’s AWESOME!”
Mike Marchus, Sam’s Italian

Michelle presented a workshop for my company based on “The Seven Keys to Unlocking Your Potential.” I felt it was extremely worthwhile for our group and was thoroughly impressed with her incorporation of each staff member into her presentation. It gave ownership to each member of our team to be mindful of the lessons presented and empowering them to put that knowledge into practice with confidence. I received several glowing reports from the staff, thanking us for making such a wonderful presentation available to them. …”it was personal, eye-opening, and timely. It reminded me of many things I had forgotten, things that have made me successful in the past.” I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking to strengthen their workplace team. I feel her presentations would benefit anyone, both professionally and personally.”
Tamara Clark, Turner Publishing

Michelle’s presentations define the word “motivational”. She is a dynamic, well organized speaker. I still have notes hanging in my clinic from the first time I heard Michelle speak. What she shares has lasting impact and she gives her audience simple tools for changing their interactions with others. I was so impressed by Michelle that I asked her to speak at an international conference. Her message and her style are just as effective for 200 people as they are for 15 and as effective across cultures and disciplines.”
Jacqueline Mast, Mast Clinic

Michelle is a speaker with content-rich material and solutions for an array of workplace issues. Her delivery is of this material is superb, and she adds a considerable amount of credibility to the conferences we make at Clemson University.”
Laurie Haughey, Clemson University

Michelle Neujahr’s provided our group of supervisor’s an excellent full day leadership training that was inspiring and refreshing. As the coordinator of the training, I received numerous comments back from the audience including statements such as “this is the best training I have been to in years” and “I started using some of the things I learned at home with my family too.” Michelle used multi-sensory techniques to keep the training energized. She also validated audience members who volunteered feedback, which created a safe and friendly environment to share successes and struggles as a supervisor. I would highly recommend Michelle as a leadership trainer.”
Jessica Romey, Iowa Substance Abuse Supervisors Association

Michelle spoke at two of our volunteer recognition events. She was able to implement our message, mission and goals in her keynote with ease and she made it fun! Our volunteers felt a personal connection and were motivated to improve thier lives and volunteer work after hearing Michelle speak. She was funny, intelligent and inspiring!”
Dianne Gauthier, Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts

Michelle made us think, strive and dream! I cannot imagine a better approach, role model or presentation.”
Bill VanBrunt, Carlson Companies

Michelle’s humor, passion and storytelling delighted our audience. Every participant evaluation rated Michelle as “EXCELLENT”– she was awesome!”
Erin Ratelis, James Bissonet & Associates

Michelle gave a leadership talk to our engineering society this past summer and I have to say the quality of her talk was incomparable to all other leadership talks we had before. A unique characteristic of her exciting speech was in using lots of real life examples to inspire and teach at the same time. The attendees were all thinking different after the lecture and since then I see some differences in the way they work. We all need someone like Michelle to trigger our inner potential and release our infinite power – Michelle you are, you are truly awesome.”
Prof. Ali Abedi, IEEE

Michelle has provided corporate training and keynote presentations for our organization. She delivers quality content in an engaging style. She connects with her audience and provides informative and motivating messages. Her personal experience brings value to her presentations. She can adapt to any environment and any audience.”
Susan Stacey, Central Maine Community College

The feedback from our contractors/customers was EXCELLENT! It was obvious to this male-dominated contractor group that you were not just talking theory – You shared your experiences on so many issues they could identify with. Because of your strong identification with our audience – they GOT your message and your motivation. Thanks!”
Jim Leonard, ER Systems

Michelle, you presented in a fun and entertaining manner that encouraged employee participation. Your ideas not only applied to our working relationships, but also can be applied to our relationships with friends and family. It was a great experience for us and a great start to further team development.”
Cindy Letourneau, FutureGuard

Based on our evaluation surveys, you were the smash attraction at Staff Day! The entire staff was really pumped up after your presentation.”
Paul Deaven, Dakota County Library

We recently featured you as a presenter in our showcase and we were delighted with your platform presence and style. In just 15 minutes, you instantly inspired the audience with your presentation. Your message was relevant, entertaining and enlightening. You were easy to work with and your genuine personality draws people to you.”
Angela Cox-Weston, Midwest Speakers Bureau

Michelle Neujahr turned our team of real estate agents into a powerful company with 15% market share in under a year. Michelle quickly brought our business to the next level as a business by helping us define and document our business processes and organizational structure. The structure and processes that Michelle helped us to establish had a huge impact almost from day one – improved efficiencies, a more consistent product, better client communication, and clear lines of responsibility, which lead to improved efficiencies, a more consistent product, and better client communications. Sullivan Multi Family Realty is a twice the business today because of Michelle’s contributions.”
Brit Vitalius, Sullivan Multi Family Realty

Your energy and enthusiasm captured our audience’s attention and your inspiring message didn’t allow them to let go. You have an incredible talent for motivating people to take control of their lives. I have heard nothing but outstanding comments about your presentation. Thank you for making a unique difference in the lives of our employees. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you once again.”
Lynsey Supalla, 3M

Michelle spoke to our faculty and staff at our annual Fall Convocation. She revived our spirits and rekindled our passion for teaching and learning. Due to her outstanding motivational techniques, we are now committed to focusing on the positives in our lives and developing excellence in everything we do.”
Lynn Harris, Wallace State Community College

Michelle gave attendees immediate suggestions for being better partners, employees and managers! I personally put her tactics to work and am still reaping the rewards months after hearing her message.”
Tracey Racette, ChildrenFirst, Inc.

Michelle has a speaking energy and delivery that immediately captured the audience. She is a delight to work with and will not disappoint your audience.”
Jacqueline A. Felling, Degree of Honor

The evaluations were excellent. You are one of those speakers who will always stand out as one of THE BEST and will continue to be remembered for years to come. Your talk was so darn funny and genuine. I enjoyed your stories, your inspiration and working through all the details with you.”
Diane Hrabe, Queen of Peace Hospital

One of our attendees came into the presentation angry, down and totally uninterested in anything anyone had to say. After hearing Michelle she admitted how good she felt and that her attitude had totally turned around. Michelle is highly energetic and definitely the most influential speaker I have ever heard.”
Kathy Crowson, NRG Energy Inc.

Michelle is truly one of the most dynamic and interesting speakersthat I have had the pleasure to her. Her programs are cutting edge, enthusiastic and full of real life knowledge. You can take what you learn from her and put it to use immediately. If you don’t leave one of Michelle’s programs pumped up, enthusiastic and full of life – then you didn’t have a pulse when you got there!”
Suzy Borchers, Madison IAAP

Excellent! You reinforce what employers know in their gut is needed to retain and create an “awesome” workplace – making them employer of choice.”
Deb Albarado, SHRM

Our session with Michelle was a huge success. Michelle is a gifted speaker who connects well with all levels of the organization. We would love to have her speak again”
Scott Goettl, Dakota County

Michelle has a very enthusiastic and infectious presentation style that challenges the listened to do something besides just sit and passively listen. I enjoyed watching the smiles, hearing the laughter and seeing the twinkles in the eyes of the attendees as you shared your personal stories.”
Kathleen Huesner, United Defense

You could feel the passion in the room as Michelle spoke. She walked into the room as a speaker and left as our friend. One of our attendees said this about Michelle, “best speaker I ever heard – Awesome! I will never forget her.”
Lynda Boulay,  MN/ND IAAP

The Leadership Plan training was exceptional! Everyone enjoyed your down to earth way of building self confidence and motivating oneself to be a leader. As one comment stated, ‘she didn’t just present the information, she showed us through herself how to use it.”
MaryEdna Hagen, Wisconsin IAAP

Michelle’s presentation sent a strong message to encourage and inspire us to achieve our maximum potential. It was clear from the evaluations of the program that participants were very impressed and were able to take away valuable information that they could use in their professional and personal lives. Having been in the administrative support profession for the past 20 years, I consider Michelle one of the best presenters I have seen over the years.”
Shirley Viesselman, Fargo IAAP

You leave her presentation feeling good about yourself.” and “Very inspiring and motivational.” are just some of the comments from our members. Michelle shared her personal stories with us, which are amazing! In doing so, she became someone we could all relate to and someone we could all immediately respect. Her ideas and thoughts energized and captured us throughout the time she was with us and beyond. I highly encourage any organization to find a way to hear Michelle speak. She will motivate you, excite you, and leave you feeling great about yourself and what you are capable of.”
Heather Altenburg, GPMDG

PRAISE: Coaching

From day one, Michelle has seen the growth potential in our business. She makes us ask and answer the tough questions. And she never ceases to be our biggest fan. Michelle helps us navigate risk, and celebrates with us when our efforts are rewarded. Her wisdom, keen sense for strategy, planning, and goal setting, and her undeniable passion for us, as clients, have been key to our business development and to us, as women entrepreneurs. Michelle keeps us focused, grounded, and pushes us to always get better, stronger, more successful. Her advice is practical and savvy, and we see tangible results from her counsel. Over the course of our work with Michelle (3 years now), we have seen our revenue quadruple and our personnel expand from just two owners to a talented team of five employees. And we’re still growing. Our investment in Michelle has been one of the smartest business decisions we have made; we are grateful to consider her a part of our strategic team.”
Jennie Malloy and Aimee Goodwin, Co-owners of The Brand Collective

I am the owner of a small custom building firm and recently had the opportunity to work with Michelle on assessing the state of our business and to help develop strategies for the company moving forward. Our experience with Michelle far exceeded our expectations. After our first meeting, the group was inspired, energized and highly motivated to bring our business to the next level. Michelle brings applicable insight, in depth knowledge and an infectious enthusiasm to her business remodeling approach. She is on point and has a calm and effective way of guiding business owners in the right direction. We are thrilled with the results of our work with Michelle and would highly recommend her to any entrepreneur looking to overhaul or strategically grow their company. Thanks Michelle!”
Peter Floeckher, North By East

Our team looked for a coach to work with us that would help us organize our team, create a plan, and implement our process. Michelle provided us the guidance, direction, and kept us on schedule. Forming a successful team takes a commitment from all the team members along with a coach keeping you on task with a common goal in mind. As part of our team plan we will have Michelle work with us in the future.”
Jack T., Financial Advisor

Michelle has been an integral part of my leadership team. She understands our industry (financial) while effectively applying her management consulting approach to both teams and individuals. She is a partner to both those she serves and to the firm as she is truly additive in seeking or using available resources to ensure that all remain on the same page with vision and actions. I appreciate the work ethic and follow up and now see team after team observing the success we enjoy and then asking to be part of this growth experience.”
Stephen P., Financial Services Firm

Michelle is the best. Hire her while you can, because if we hit the business plan that Michelle helped us devise, we are going to offer her a full-time position! I cannot recommend Michelle enough.”
Ryan Shimala, More & Co.

Even though I have owned my business for over 20 years, Michelle’s support was just what I needed to jumpstart some marketing ideas that I had been considering for quite some time. She is a positive thinker and an attentive listener who consistently gave me the encouragement I needed to bring my plans to fruition.”
Debbie Godowsky, Founder,

Michelle continues to be invaluable in helping me to map out my business goals. She helps me to focus and prioritize projects, assisting with social media plans, helping to brainstorm content creation ideas for my blog + podcast, and even coached me through my first foray into public speaking. A gifted public speaker, she’s incredibly positive, super friendly, generous, and detail-oriented. If you find yourself in need of an entrepreneurial ear with the chops to guide you through actually getting things done, I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
Kelley Fitch, Founder and CEO at Kid Gigawatt

Michelle is genuinely invested in her client’s well being, goals and success. I always felt comfortable opening up to Michelle; which is important for progress and growth. She is reliable, highly responsive and always made herself available to me.

Michelle provided me with real life tools I could utilize in both my personal and business life. She has an authentic, non-judgmental approach that built credibility and allowed me to trust her whole-heartedly. Michelle also shared her own real life experiences which helped put things in context and made it “more real” for me.

I would recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a life coach. The investment in yourself (and Michelle) is well worth it. THANK YOU Michelle for everything you have done for me and all of your support!”
Karen Cassette, Unum

Michelle and I connected because of our mutual interests in motivational speaking. After talking with her, I knew she could offer me some help in getting my business off the ground. The marketing and social networking plan she did for me was creative and innovative yet simple and to the point so I just needed to follow the step by step plan.  I highly recommend Michelle for marketing and so much more. You won’t be disappointed.”
Jane Honeck, Speaker, Author, Money Coach

Michelle has been a great encourager and inspiration in the growth of my business. She helped me look at the “big picture” by setting business and personal goals. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is serious about growing their business.”
Shirley Douglas, Douglas Designs

Michelle has been nothing short of amazing with her assistance and support to myself and the other members of the Entrepreneurial Center at Southern Maine Community College. Michelle never fails to motivate and inspire us to move forward no matter the challenges we face. We are grateful to have Michelle as a mentor and coach.”
Bob Lothrop, Chasin’ the Ring BBQ

Michelle has been working with me on developing my business for the past year now. The input and general enthusiasm Michelle has shown me has been unthinkable, and she has pushed me to the limit of what I thought possible and beyond. She is a creative and energetic person who has helped me make my dream a reality. I have enjoyed and learned from Michelle and recommend her work to anyone who is serious about their business or life.”
Tylor McKenzie, Brand U

Michelle Neujahr turned our team of real estate agents into a powerful company with 15% market share in under a year. Michelle quickly brought our business to the next level as a business by helping us define and document our business processes and organizational structure. The structure and processes that Michelle helped us to establish had a huge impact almost from day one – improved efficiencies, a more consistent product, better client communication, and clear lines of responsibility, which lead to improved efficiencies, a more consistent product, and better client communications. Sullivan Multi Family Realty is a twice the business today because of Michelle’s contributions.”
Brit Vitalius, Sullivan Multi Family Realty

I feel more energized than I think I ever have to go out and find new clients. That is a result of all the progress Michelle has helped me make in the past year!”
Susan Pye, Wealth Management Advisor, Vice President