Michelle Neujahr presents powerful programs that help business owners and organizations create bigger results. Michelle’s programs are motivational and include practical content attendees can implement immediately.

Michelle presents programs on the following topics:

Business Growth

GROW Your Business NOW!
Success Strategies for Business Growth
In this dynamic, content-filled keynote you’ll discover what it takes to overcome your current obstacles, renew the passion you once had for your business and use your network to reach a new level of success. This program offers real-life solutions to everyday business issues. Michelle will share her ‘7 Strategies for GROWTH’, a valuable toolbox attendees can implement immediately into their business. These strategies are the same strategies Michelle has used to grow three businesses of her own and they are tools she uses in helping her clients GROW every day. This seminar is a must for those serious about GROWING their business!

Renovate Your Business
The 7 Steps to Creating Lasting Change
Organizations get comfortable, conduct business as usual and settle for less than they could accomplish. In this content-filled, dynamic program, Michelle will lead attendees through a business renovation process. “The 7 Steps to Creating Lasting Change” will challenge attendees to go beyond mediocrity and begin the journey towards creating organizational excellence. This program motivates attendees to overcome their fear of change, move forward regardless of current obstacles and create a plan for success.

GROW Your Business Without Giving Up Your Life!
The Keys to Balancing it All
Is your business taking over your life? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you feeling like life is all work and no play? If so, this session is for you. Join Michelle Neujahr as she shares over 25 years of experience balancing her business and her life. The goal of this session is to help business owners take charge of their time and work more effectively. Michelle will provide real-life tools business owners can implement immediately to manage their business more effectively so they can create more space for fun.


Renovate Your Leadership Potential
This session is for business owners and leaders who are ready to step up their potential – ready to make a bigger impact. This content-packed program will challenge leaders to get honest about their present impact, take a few steps back to see what needs to be different and then re-affirm their commitment to developing their full leadership potential. Attendees will be given the 15 Ways to Renovate Leadership Potential – a toolbox filled with easy to implement leadership development tools. While presenting with humor and having a little fun, Michelle will inspire leaders to rethink current strategies, redesign how they approach their role and they will leave reenergized and ready to live out their full potential.

Develop Excellent Employees
Strategies to Engage Your Followers
Do you see potential in your staff? Do you want to challenge others towards excellence? Are you ready to make a bigger impact as a leader but you’re not sure how to get there? If so, join Michelle Neujahr as she challenges leaders to step up their efforts and get serious about making lasting renovations in the ways they lead. Leaders will be given tools to help re-engage employees, build on their current strengths and let go of old beliefs. Attendees will be challenged to ask tough questions, get accountable and develop new leadership habits. This program offers real-life leadership solutions to everyday employee issues.

Culture Shift
Keys to Creating a Vibrant Workplace
Is employee morale less than stellar at your organization? If you answered yes, you’re NOT alone. And you can do something about it. Join motivational speaker and business consultant, Michelle Neujahr, as she inspires leaders to champion a culture shift. With over 20 years of experience leading organizations through culture shifts, Michelle details a simple process professionals can use to create and sustain a culture shift. Throughout the program attendees will experience Michelle’s ‘50 Culture Shift Tips’ as well real life examples. Attendees will be given take home resources they can begin using with their own teams immediately. Attendees will be inspired to shift culture – first the one inside their head and then be equipped and ready to champion organizational change.


Renovate Your Marketing
Strategies for Growing Your Business NOW
Are you ready to grow your business, bring in more revenue and dominate your competition? If so, join Michelle Neujahr as she motivates and challenges attendees to take the 60 Day Marketing Renovation Challenge. This program is designed to lead professionals through a simple process designed to revive their current marketing strategies. A renovation is not a rebuild – it’s about focusing on what’s working, refreshing the ‘stale’ things and adding a low-cost, no-cost marketing initiatives.

Low-Cost, No-Cost Marketing Strategies
Growing Your Business on a Budget
Marketing does not need to be expensive. Join Michelle as she shares the secrets to growing revenue using only low-cost, no-cost marketing solutions. This program inspires attendees to implement social media strategies, use networking to its full extent and achieve expert status. In addition Michelle will share 50 Low-Cost, No-Cost Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Get Results.”

Social Media Made Simple
Keys to Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Small Business
Navigating social media can be overwhelming and time consuming. This laser-focused, highly interactive session is guaranteed to help business owners find a way to make social media work for their small business. Each participant will leave with a basic social media plan and the first steps they need to take to make it happen. In addition attendees will receive an overview of social media, hands-on practice with some of the most used tools (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs) and the opportunity to ask questions specific to their business. This is a hands-on, dynamic course for business owners who are serious about growing their business or building their brand using social media.  


Think Like an Entrepreneur
Keys to Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset
We are all entrepreneurs whether we own a business or not! Join motivational speaker and business consultant, Michelle Neujahr, as she shares how we can tap further into our own entrepreneurial mindset and use it to GROW our lives and careers. This program will challenge attendees to identify their current entrepreneurial traits, redefine how they view innovation and take the scary out of risk-taking. In addition, attendees will be inspired to GROW beyond their current mindset and do something GREAT!

10 Keys to Being Unstoppable
Increasing Personal Productivity
Now is the time to engage in your career and take it to the next level. With the instability in today’s job market increasing your productivity can help to set your career on fire, ensure your future marketability and help you to reach the next level. Being unproductive costs money, wastes time and limits your opportunities. Join Michelle as she inspires attendees to create a productivity plan, clarify personal goals and begin using “The 10 Keys to Being Unstoppable.” Attendees will walk away with simple tools to begin being unstoppable today.

Go BIG or Go Home!
Overcoming Mediocrity
You can’t go BIG if you’re settling for mediocre! In this dynamic program, Michelle will inspire members to stop settling for less right now. She’ll share her 20-year entrepreneurial journey and how going against the flow allowed her to grow three companies. Attendees will be given the tools to THINK BIG, BE BIG and GIVE BIG.  Through laughter and interaction, members will discover what’s possible when you GO BIG!  


We create programs designed to maximize the impact your event will have on your attendees and their future success. Your event is a priority to our entire staff. We focus our energy and passion to make your event run smoothly. We’re easy to work with, committed to knowing your needs and work hard to exceed your expectations

We are committed to creating and delivering business programs with impact. The presentations described within this packet can be formatted to suit your needs and program goals. Or we can create a custom program for your organization. The length of the program is up to you. Michelle’s programs can be given as a keynote (up to 90 minutes) or as half-day seminar.

We are in the business of motivating groups of business owners and independent professionals to make lasting changes so they can GROW their organizations. We take our business very seriously. As we work with you to create a program, we’ll ask questions, have your team members complete surveys and carefully review your needs. Our research makes certain that the program meets your needs and expectations. In addition, our research provides substance to your program and gives Michelle the ability to connect with your audience in a way that is personal and meaningful.