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Celebrate Your Success

Keys to Focusing On What’s Good In Your Business  Schedule it!  This may sound strange but I used to actually put a half hour on my calendar each week labeled ‘recognition’. This item would pop up weekly to remind me to take some time and recognize our employees, clients and/or vendors. When prompted each week […]

Keys To Staying Consistent

Get clear about what MATTERS. If everything is important then nothing is important. Take some time to REALLY get clear about the one or two things that matter most to you and/or your business this year. I suggest reading the The 1 Thing – This book helped me over the past month get even more […]

25 Simple Ways to Enhance Workplace Culture

Review your on-boarding process. Make sure to have fun welcome rituals, a process for making introductions and a checklist to make sure you do the same thing with every new employee. Let current staff members know a new person is starting BEFORE they start. And communicate why this person hired and what they’ll be doing. Plan surprises.  Catch […]

Be a Cheerleader of People

I love my life mission. My life mission is to be a cheerleader of people. And the cool part about this mission is it is one that anyone can practice. Below are some ways you could cheer people on today. How to Be a Cheerleader of People Today: Smile at EVERY ONE you meet. Be […]

Change Happens – DEAL WITH IT!

“The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades.” John P. Kotter, Leading Change  I tend to like change for the most part. I actually crave it in certain areas of my life. Yet this month there […]

Grow Your Leadership Skills [10]

Have excellent on-boarding processes. The on-boarding process starts the minute a new employee walks through the door. Make every attempt to appreciate them, train them and make them feel comfortable during their first few months of employment. Check in regularly, have another employee mentor them and make their office space welcoming. Have the RIGHT people […]

Grow Your Leadership Skills [9]

Set policies and procedures. No matter what size your organization is – you need written policies and procedures. Policies and procedures set the parameters for your people. They set forth the way you do business, the expectations you have of your staff and also protect you from many legal hassles. Having them helps everyone to […]

Grow Your Leadership Skills [8]

Share your toys. Sharing your toys can be fun. If you’ve been successful in business, you probably have lots of toys. If it’s possible to share them with your staff – do it. If you have a boat, invite them over. If you have a rental condo, share it with those who may need a […]

Grow Your Leadership Skills [7]

Turn up the music. Music inspires us, brings up our mood and creates a more relaxed atmosphere. Turn on some music in your office and see if it makes a difference. Let your employees listen to music if it’s appropriate. Music has a way of making every the most boring jobs more manageable and more […]

GROW Your Leadership Skills [6]

Eliminate negativity. Make it a rule. Make it an absolute office wide policy. Get rid of negativity. Do whatever it takes to get it out of your office. Refuse to listen to it, stop others from sharing it and set a powerful example. Negativity destroys companies faster than anything else. Offer the best benefits you […]