Help for parents who want to build a strong, connected family.

The Family PlanBusinesses use business plans to create successful futures for their companies. Individuals use strategic planning to get results. Now parents can use these same principles to successfully run their most important organization of all – their FAMILY.

The Family Plan is a strategic planning tool to help parents build a stronger more successful family. It’s a system to help couples clarify their goals for their family now and in the future.

This program is offered in the following ways:


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We provide retreats for organizations who want to help develop strong families and with individuals who are ready to commit to family growth.

Family Plan retreats are held at various places throughout the year. Some retreats are open to the public and others are put on for specific organizations. A Family Plan retreat is a weekend event designed to help parents create and implement a strategic plan for their family. During the weekend, seminar leaders, Michelle and David Neujahr will share the process of creating and using The Family Plan system to create results in your family. The concept behind The Family Plan will be explained, parents will receive numerous tools to begin creating their own plan and attendees will be provided with systems for getting the results you desire for your family.


  • Each person will receive a personal copy of The Family Plan™
  • Parents will leave with a rough draft of their own family plan
  • Parents will learn simple strategic planning tools for their family
  • Parents will understand and create powerful family statements
  • Parents will receive tips and techniques for running successful family meetings
  • Parents will receive helpful tips for de-stressing family life and managing family time
  • Parents will be able to implement unique systems for delegating family chores
  • Parents will learn new techniques for building stronger family communication
  • Parents will learn to set and achieve goals as a family
  • And parents will be inspired. They will hear stories and real life examples about building an awesome family in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

To schedule a retreat for your organization today, please call our office at 207-838-9138


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One-on-One Coaching

The Family Plan Workbook or eBook

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The Family Plan Workbook $49 [eBook $29]
The Family Plan Workbook is an interactive workbook to help families grow and build on their strengths. The Family Plan workbook is packed with easy to use tools, tips and techniques to help families create a plan of success for their family. This system can be used by any family to make lasting changes, manage their time, plan for their future and achieve immediate results.

The workbook contains twelve interactive sections designed to help families grow and implement the plan. Each section is explained and there are clear directions for implementation. There is also ample space within the workbook for each member to complete the exercises.

Throughout the 12 sections of the workbook, families will be encouraged to write down and talk about their needs, their goals and their ideas. The workbook includes sections on building a stronger marriage, creating family statements, setting family rules, running successful family meetings, de-stressing family life, creating family chore charts, implementing new communication techniques, setting family goals and more.

Michelle and David Neujahr created The Family Plan program because they wanted MORE for their family. They have been married for 22 years, have three children and a granddaughter. Their life mission is to partner with families to develop their greatest asset – their relationships. If you want a dynamic team for your next event, hire David and Michelle to come share The Family Plan with your group.

Family Plan Speaking Topics

Building an Awesome Family

Tools for Creating the Family You Want
This high-energy, dynamic keynote will encourage and inspire parents grow beyond where they are now. Attendees will be challenged to get serious about creating the family they have imagined and implementing simple techniques for family unity. Michelle will share personal stories of success and failure as the parent of three busy kids. She will help audience members to envision the future of their family and make a plan to achieve their goals.


Positive Communication Strategies for Families
Powerful communication can change your family and your world. Michelle’s simple game and proven communication techniques are guaranteed to challenge and motivate attendees to take immediate action in the way they communicate as a family. Audiences will be transformed as they learn the powerful tools of applause, appreciation and affirmation. This high-energy, keynote is designed to encourage parents and motivate positive communication within families

Time Out for Parents!

How to Take Care of Yourself When Everyone Else Needs You
As a parent it seems that everyone’s needs come before your own. This heartwarming, uplifting keynote will help parents to stop and focus on themselves – even if it’s just during this one hour program. With humor and passion, Michelle will encourage parents to implement simple tools for self care and challenge then to take time to renew their passion for being a parent.

CPR for the Breathless Parent

Strategies for to Managing Family Stress
If your family life is too busy, this is the seminar for you. CPR! for the Breathless Parent focuses on de-stressing and rebalancing our family lives. Audience members will dig beneath daily “busyness” and get to the business of living lives that feel balanced and fulfilled. Attendees will leave not with a bigger to-do list but with practical solutions for simplifying family life.

The Family Plan

Tools for Building an Awesome Family
Businesses use business plans to create successful futures for their companies. Individuals use strategic planning to get results. Now parents can use these same principles to successfully run the most important organization of all – their families. In this seminar Michelle will help attendees begin creating their own Family Plan. They’ll walk away with lifestyle tools for creating the long-term results they desire for their family.

Family Goal Setting

Learn to Set and Achieve Your Family Goals
Join Michelle as she helps attendees discover the art of creating and achieving family goals. Attendees will learn to include family members in setting goals, help hold one another accountable and celebrate successes along the way. This seminar is a dynamic and fun-filled way to look at where you want your family to go and then decide how you’re going to get there.

Renovate Your Family

The Keys to Making Lasting Changes in Your Family
Are you ready for a change or has life thrown your family a curve? Renovating your family is about embracing what works and redesigning what doesn’t. In this seminar, Michelle challenges attendees to look at their family strengths and to use those strengths to create lasting changes.

Creating a Strategic Plan for Your Family

Learn to Create Family Statements, Absolutes and Commitments
This interactive workshop will allow attendees the opportunity to begin creating their own strategic family plan today. Michelle will coach audience members through practical tools designed to help attendees easily create mission, vision and legacy statements. As well as making a list of family absolutes and commitments. As the result of this practical workshop, parents will walk away with a rough draft of their own family plan.

Creating Family Rules that Work

Simple Ways to Get Kids to Follow the Rules
Join Michelle for a fun workshop designed to provide parents with easy to use tools for creating family rules and sticking to them. Michelle will challenge attendees to write down family rules, set up follow through systems and enroll their kids in the process. This fun program will inspire parents to think about family rules in a new way.

Family Chores

Getting Kids to Help Around the House
Getting kids to help around the house can be tough. This seminar offers a variety of tips and techniques parents can implement immediately to challenge their kids to help around the house. Michelle will motivate attendees to create chore charts, find rewards that work and get serious about doing chores as a family. This seminar is guaranteed to have tips and techniques for families at all stages of life.

Family Goal Setting

Strategies for Setting and Achieving Your Family Goals
Join Michelle as she helps attendees discover how much fun creating and achieving family goals can be. Attendees will learn to include family members in setting goals, help hold one another accountable and celebrate successes along the way. This seminar is a dynamic and fun-filled way to look at where you want your family to go and then decide how it is going to get there.

Family Contracts

Tips for Using Family Contracts to Promote Positive Behavior
Family contracts are a powerful way to balance love and limits. By writing family limits in a contract, a family is forced to clarify and clearly set boundaries. Michelle will lead attendees through the family contract basics, offer numerous real-life scenarios and encourage parents to begin creating and implementing contracts in their family.

Creating Family Fun

Ways to Have More Fun and Create Lasting Traditions
Family life should be fun. This high-impact seminar is for parents who want to have more fun at home. Michelle will present heart-warming stories and dozens of tips for creating more family fun. This seminar is interactive and packed with ideas any family can use.

The Single Parent Plan

Building an Awesome Family on Your Own
Single parenting can be tough. In this workshop Michelle will share her real life experiences as a single parent – the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly! Attendees will be encouraged to take care of themselves, set a plan for support and build the family they desire. This session is uplifting and fun – full of real-life tools that single parents can implement immediately without feeling more overloaded.

PRAISE for The Family Plan

You leave her presentation feeling good about yourself.” and “Very inspiring and motivational to have a family plan on the wall.” are just some of the comments from our members. I think motivational and inspiring are great adjectives to describe Michelle’s presentations. Her enthusiasm and energy grab a listener’s attention and holds it throughout the talk. Michelle shared her personal story with us, which is amazing, as well as some of her own parenting stories. In doing so, she became someone we could all relate to and someone we could all immediately respect. Her ideas and thoughts energized and captured us throughout the time she was with us and beyond. I highly encourage any parent, caregiver, teacher or anyone who might be working with children to consider finding a way to hear Michelle speak. She will motivate you, excite you, and leave you feeling great about yourself and what you are capable of as a parent and a person.”
Heather Altenburg, Greater Portland Mothers and Dads Group Thank you SO much for your participation in Mom-Camp. Your inspiration, motivation and passion was exactly the type we needed to create the right tone. You helped us create a warm, inviting, and inspiring place, and you contributed to the overwhelming success of it all. We couldn’t have asked for it to go any better, and it was in large part thanks to you! Your general sessions and welcome notes were an inspiration to all who heard you. I know because people were stopping me in the halls and writing us notes about you. Your Family Plan class was one of the best ranked and talked about.”
Mary Kay Duchene, Mom-Camp Co-Founder Many of us continue to reflect on your motivating presentation to our group in September and have implemented some change in our lives. Now, a regular question at my dinner table is, “What was the best part of your day?” I also regularly tell my kids they’re “awesome”. Thanks for inspiring me to better my life and those of the people around me!”
Kim Sommerland, Dakota County, Financial Services Department Not only did Michelle give these people new parenting tools, but she also gave them immediate suggestions for being better partners, employees and managers! I personally put her tactics to work and am still reaping the rewards months after hearing her message. I now have a functional relationship with a co-worker who was previously quite difficult-all because I put Michelle’s words to work. She also helped me with ways to maintain a confident, joyous outlook. What a gift!”
Tracy Racette, ChildrenFirst, Inc., Director

I just want to thank you for the EXCELLENT seminar you presented today. I knew right away that it would be a life changing event for me. I have two boys, a 3 year old and an 18 month old. I began to incorporate the “U-R-AWESOME game right away. The other day, I heard my 3 year old say to his brother, “Hey Ryan, Did I tell you you’re awesome? You are awesome!” How wonderful to hear him learning something positive from me. Thank you so much!”

The Family Plan will bring more consistency, organization, time, support and love into a family.”

Everyone should take this course and implement these things with their family. Michelle and David make it real and show how it works.”

I have never forgotten your topic and I have never let a day go by and not told my children they were awesome.”

Wonderful daily rituals for family confidence builders – Excellent program!”

Everyone should take this course and implement these things with their family. Michelle and David make it real and show how it works.
Elizabeth McGrady, Owner Angel Files

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